Summer Delights & Sites

Summer Delights & Sites

The coconut oil tells me it’s sweltering out…IMG_0091

So happy to report on vegan soft serve in Freeport! Sunrise Vitamin and Health has Tofutti soft serve. Tofutti was been around since my early vegan days in the 90’s. I remember feasting on their now-discontinued Chipwich-like ice cream sandwiches. These early vegan delights stand tall in my memory. Moo-Moo’s, I think? The internet is no help with this information, oddly.IMG_0092

Cooling down with my favorite cocktail–vodka pineapple…IMG_9910

Freeport’s Nautical Mile, a entertainingly seedy outdoor bar cluster…

Happy beach umbrellas against a bright blue sky…IMG_9943

Sitting on lily pads on the beach…IMG_9940

Having some quality cat time…

Taking silly summer selfies…IMG_8335
Using up bananas so quickly ripened by the heat, capturing Frank in the background…IMG_0070