Summer Here, Berries

Summer Here, Berries

Getting fresh, local berries from the farmers market is one of summer’s pure delights. Besides being the perfect snack, nabbing large quantities of a variety of berries promotes exploration in baking with berries! With blueberries, blackberries, and strawberries on hand, I wanted to utilize as many as I can before the mold beats me to the punch. We have the same taste.

DSC_0002I made a crust for a cooked fruit tart by eye, which is something I don’t often do. Precision is one of the reasons why I love baking. I ground up some of the things in the pantry that were hanging around too long–a bag of raw flax crackers, pepitas and their more scantily-clad sibling, the sunflower seed– then added a generous squirt of agave nectar and some whole wheat flour. Then I added melted (the weather made this easy) coconut oil until I had a crust texture. Easy, peasy.

IMG_4461Since this was to be a cooked fruit tart, I used a ripe banana that had been hanging around. There is nothing I love more in a dessert than hot banana. Yum! I lined the crust with the beautiful blackberries, aligning my tart with my penchant for neat spatial organization. Now we’re cooking with neuroses!

DSC_0003After a sprinkling of sugar I constructed layer two: strawberry and blueberry.

DSC_0009I cooked it until I smelled it, about 20 minutes.

DSC_0011I couldn’t resist having some warm. It was divine. It would have been perfect with ice cream.

DSC_0016This is the kind of dessert that is delicious hot or cold and only gets better with time. Here’s to a yummy way to use a lot of berries.