Summer in Paris, Lovely Lagusta’s Savory Dinner Series

Summer in Paris, Lovely Lagusta’s Savory Dinner Series

DSC_0022It seems like eons ago that Ms. CP sent me a link to chocolatier Lagusta’s (of Lagusta’s Luscious fame) savory dinner series. Since then I have been occasionally pouring over the menu highlights of our reserved Summer in Paris dinner. What can be better than being served 8-12 (!!) high-end, all-vegan courses far away from New York City? As it turns out, not that much.

DSC_0023The communal table was set up beautifully. The magnificent menu, a reference tool to a taste journey unlike any I’ve ever experienced. Let’s go!

DSC_0025First, a liquid! A fragrant and refreshing vodka gimlet with basil-meyer lemon syrup.

DSC_0026Next we the start of the course, a soup. Soup au pistou, a cold summer soup topped with a fennel cream.

IMG_4488Second, the most unique salad I’ve ever had… or read about for that matter. It was a whimsical taste and texture carnival. The Salade Niçoise terrarium: French crisp lettuce ice (yes, shaved lettuce ice), dulse nest, “egg,” encapsulated balsamic, olive oil caviar (this and the former burst in your mouth to act like a salad dressing), olive air, candied niçoise, olive, cherry tomato and tempura haricot verts. The technique that the salad displayed was beyond impressive.

DSC_0032Ah, starch. The third course was a Celery Gratin–scalloped potatoes and chard with the bright flavor of celery leaves and binded with Treeline Treenut Cheese.

DSC_0037The 4th course! Shiitake stroganoff: scratch-made bow tie pasta with tender shiitakes and black truffle and garnished with straw potatoes. I couldn’t believe I was still eating at this point!

DSC_0040Here comes the sweets. Sweet #1–a semi-sweet chocolate container full of a lush sweet pea green tea cream and garnished with lavender, alongside a tempura-covered cherry.

DSC_0041The main dessert course, a crepe cake layered with fresh gooseberry and currant jam and garnished with hazelnut candy, was probably my least favorite. The gooseberry and currant jam was a bit too tart for my taste and kind of unavoidable. I felt terrible wasting most of my plate, but it was, after all, the 6th course!

DSC_0043And in the end, the group of 12 lucky souls shared the final dessert course: a rich chocolate tart filled with chocolate mousse and topped with market berries.

DSC_0047After our glorious meal (and receiving Mignardise, a cute box of of delicious truffles), Chef Lagusta came out from the curtain for a round of applause. She is a true culinary talent. I am so glad I had the opportunities to eat her dishes, so filled with loving care. Thank you for a fantastic meal!