Summer Outtakes

Summer Outtakes

Without the Empire Pass this year, I am not getting to the beach as often as last year. I am stealing the EZ-pass to go, however.

This was some mushroom. I wanted to buy it and sit on it with a hookah. IMG_2811

The butterfly bush started getting some action. This huge Stryper butterfly was amazing to watch feasting on that sweet, sweet nectar.IMG_2854


A then (May 7) & now picture of the sunflowers. Though some have been trampled by, I suspect, a rambunctious family of raccoons that enter the backyard by jumping the fence behind the sunflowers, proceeding to the cat bowls on the porch, a few are sturdy and high. IMG_2987

No blooms yet, though I can see things are happening!IMG_2975

Tomatoes getting ripe already. IMG_2983