Summer Starts Now.

Summer Starts Now.

IMG_4027In late June, my morning train to Brooklyn coincides with the glorious sunrise. It’s a fantastic way to start the day. The recent “Super Moon” gave way to a Super Sun, a flaming pink sun whose expanded diameter blazed across pastel blots of morning colors.

Foodswings.jpgSummer breeds reckless abandon. Like this decision to order the Chick’n Cordon Bleu sandwich and a root beer float from vegan fast food joint Foodswings. The bun was unbelievably good. Like a brioche. The rest, reheated frozen patty and super-processed. It is fast food after all.

IMG_4031A quick dins with veggie comrad CP at Quintessence (and an aging Vincent Gallo who was also in the small space in the East Village). I forget that I don’t enjoy eating raw most times. And considering its high price, I always leave unfulfilled. Here is a couple of reasons why: The menu describes the raw dishes, their elements and ingredients.  I read and associate with what I know and love, the cooked versions the dish is inspired by. Like my Indian platter (described with these words malai kofta, curry sauce, mango chutney). The problem is that cooking technique manipulates flavors to deliciousness. Raw food doesn’t benefit from what makes food most delicious. The flavor of many raw food dishes is one-note and too assertive… the texture too dense (ground up this or that)… and the presentation is always not very appealing. I know there are great health benefits to eating raw; I’ve felt a raw meal invigorate my body. But I enjoy eating for pleasure mostly.

IMG_4033There was time for a stop at Tu-Lu’s Gluten-free Bakery, an East Village bakery that has a small selection of vegan options daily. I got the only vegan cupcake they had, a banana chocolate chip. The frosting was airy and divine, the cake–nicely dense and riddled with thick chocolate chips. Catch Tu-Lu’s with a vegan cupcake: check. Next on my list, being in the East Village on a day that Jennifer’s Way Bakery, another gluten-free bakery with some vegan options, is open. New York City staycation days, here I come!

Lavender Lake.jpgSchool’s out for summer! It was a tough school year and I needed to celebrate with my colleagues. Pre-drinks at BGH and then Lavender Lake opened early just for us teachers. I ate a whole pile of Lavender Lake’s deep-friend Brussels sprouts. I love working in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn most of the time.

IMG_4062Summer is time for one-word lunches. Today’s lunch: papaya!