Sun & Rain: Vegan Options at Smorgasburg

Sun & Rain: Vegan Options at Smorgasburg

Dewy mornings in the backyard are a weekend highlight. During the week I leave at sunrise. So although I get to watch the sunrise from the train platform, I can’t check in on the Spring goings-on in the backyard. On the weekend I can see  all the activities. Foraging ants, specks of umber on amber; the proud reproductive organs of the tulip.
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Spring in neighbor New York City’s backyard is ripe with outdoor opportunities too, including Smorgasburg–the Brooklyn food “flea market”–a maze of unique culinary offerings, including many vegan options. For years, I’ve thought “Yeah, I should check that out.” But when I learned of all-vegan Chickpea & Olive‘s Luther, their signature beet patty with all the fixins in the loving hands of a glazed, rosemary Dun-Well doughnut, I was there. A delicious vegan sandwich inside a delicious vegan doughnut, it was as heavenly as it sounds.
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Also at the Smorg, Monk’s Meats, all-vegan “butcher shop” stop. They have some tasty offerings highlighting their homemade seitan. High points for no Daiya on the menu… and for their font and clipart. All I had left in my wallet (prices are not like a flea market at Smorgasburg) was only enough for a seitan skewer. I had the Chimichurri and then torrential rains came, which caused great concern for my skewer.
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We got some other eats as we mingled with the masses, including mango and sticky rice from Bamboo Bites, a bit disappointing that at $8 a pop they didn’t come close to the beloved street version in Thailand (3 baht or 0.10 USD)–rice needed more salt and sugar and mango was over-overripe. And Gooey & Co‘s PB & J vegan and gluten free pie, sustenance for Max who needed instant sustenance in between searching the stalls tirelessly for thee best gluten-free option. Of course, I took a  bite. Yum.
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And there were plenty of other V-bombs being dropped. Like at Barry’s Tempeh, Brooklyn-made tempeh, and The Regal Vegan, vegan spread producers–makers of Faux Gras, their mock version of diseased liver of duck… which I can’t even fathom eating a vegan version of.
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There’s also non-dairy ice cream treats from Alchemy Creamery.

Loaded veggie dogs at Asiadog.

Dun-Well doughnuts, duh.

Vegan options at Noodle Lane: Cheong fun

People’s Pops of Chelsea Market fame.

Vegan option at Takumi Taco: “Tofu, jicama, avocado, cucumber, spicy tofu crema, crispy gyoza shell” Oh my!

Next time I’ll bring more money!