Sunday is For Lunch Making

Sunday is For Lunch Making

A while ago, Vegan Cuts gave me a full sized bag of brown rice noodles. I hate to have things sit around too long, so I decided to make Pad Thai for my lunch this week. There are a ton of vegan Pad Thai recipes out there, but I trust Isa. Despite this being in Isa Does It, this Pad Thai isn’t easy-breezy. But it is well worth it. Start with browning the tofu patiently. IMG_0306

Don’t pull the tofu off the heat too soon. You need browning. Underdone tofu just mushes everything up. IMG_0309

The next time I had a hand free to take I picture, I was done! Look how lovely. The sauce is the real star in this recipe, very complex and the perfect heat level. You got to get the really good tomato paste, that one in the tube.

Pad thai is only half done once it’s off the heat. It needs a bunch of accoutrements like chopped peanuts, mung bean sprouts, lime wedges, and fresh cilantro. Though this was the week’s lunch, I ate a day’s portion. I couldn’t resist.IMG_0328

And because it’s her favorite day, here’s Addie. She is such a special kitty. Never met one like her. She’s smarter than most people I know.IMG_0257