Sunflower Pumpkin Patch

Sunflower Pumpkin Patch

How delightful to stumble upon a field of flowers in rural New Jersey! I couldn’t pass it up, especially because my own sunflowers are now all dead.  img_4965

Happy sunflower faces against the grey day.


Kind of a mystery why these cuties are still standing…img_4960

What is more delightful than a field of sunflowers? How about a field of sunflowers surrounding a real-live pumpkin patch! We carefully explored the patch for hints to the origin of pumpkins, which we’ve only ever seen already hacked off their mother stems. Also, squash blossoms!!img_4978

Found this fellow exploring in the patch too.img_4992

Real pumpkins, surrounded by little baby pumpkins growing, assorted vines and, we learned from the farmer guy, the invasive Jimson weed, a dangerous hallucinogen.

In the patch.img_5002

Wittle baby pumpkins.img_5014

A stark white pumpkin still stemmed.

The bibbidi bobbidi boo pumpkin!img_5066

I love you, Autumn.