Sunrises, Foods, and a Cat

Sunrises, Foods, and a Cat

I can make a book of the lovely sunrises I get to see on my daily commute to Brooklyn.IMG_8264

I think I love Sweet & Sara‘s smores thingy because it reminds me of Moon Pies… or what I called them Scooter Pies.”

Sara makes the best vegan marshmallows… and I’m pretty sure I tried them all. IMG_8369

Burger from M.O.B. after a small, personal feat. IMG_8409

Another nice sunrise… on Sunrise Highway.IMG_8471

My day-after Philly cheesesteak. Microwaved bread reminds me of how poorly I ate as a child. IMG_8636

This weeks lunch: Tandoori Chickpea Stuffed Sweet Potatoes with Tahini Lime DrizzleIMG_8639

The Big Galoot disapproves of the dry cleaning pile.IMG_8644