{Super Bowl 48 Eats Pictorial}

{Super Bowl 48 Eats Pictorial}

IMG_6277Guacamole on guacamole action.

IMG_6281I made more of that spectacular date caramel from Fork and Beans because I had a ton of dates staring at me every time I opened the fridge.

DSC_0056and because I’d be partaking in a ton of savory bites.

IMG_6285I fed the backyard my cored cupcake. The squirrel ate them all up as the Big Galoot watched.

DSC_0058Scrumptious tempeh “wings,” all brimming with a maple balsamic glaze.

IMG_6294Thyme, thyme, thyme–see what’s become of me.

DSC_0042Now, potato skins. As if potatoes need any fiddling? Sometimes it’s nice to get dressed up.

DSC_0048As a Daiya-hater, I needed a vegan cheese sauce that was not a store-bought, processed food. I found this fantastic recipe while looking for ways to utilized the scooped-out potato. How amazing–a delicious “cheese” sauce made from potato and carrot.

DSC_0060My vegan potato skins… with my potato and carrot cheese cheese and tofu sour cream.

Go Broncos!