Super. Vegan. Products.

Super. Vegan. Products.

Instead of looking at Tom Brady’s big head, I am blogging during the Super Bowl. I made killer nachos with some goodies from Vegan Essentials knowing things would be a little hectic at The Electrician‘s. First, Wayfare Mexi Cheddar cheese… this was the only flavor that was in stock but it is what I would have ordered. It has a good texture and a salty nacho cheese taste.

I got a free Upton’s shirt at the Pitchfork festival a few years ago. I didn’t even realize it was food-related. I ordered their ground seitan as a meaty base for my super nachos. I grilled it up with some onion and the texture was perfect. I love that it is not a super-processed meat analog. Vital. Wheat. Gluten.

Now I just had throw out Wayfare‘s sour cream. It was absolutely disgusting. Luckily I was surprised with some goodies for my nacho endeavor.

Look at this canister of nutritional yeast. That’s all.

Along with the aforementioned goodies, The Electrician satisfied my persistant sweet treat requirements with a sixer of vegan vanilla cupcakes from Whole Foods.

And there they are. Super nachos from the Super Bowl. Spectacular.

Now there. I’ll watch.