Superior Pasta in South Philly

Superior Pasta in South Philly

When I was a kid I loved ravioli. Meat ravioli. I remember joining my mother when she picked it up from the Italian market. I knew that the ritual was different than going to the generic grocery store a few doors down. And the meat ravioli were square, I knew, while the cheese, were circular. Simple kid thoughts. The meat ravioli reminded me of a sheet of stamps and had the same pleasing perforations. And my little kid hands got to help pull them apart and gently slide them into boiling water. I was very careful in this process… different than how I would treat the meat ravioli in the Chef Boyaree can for sure. Ah, food nostalgia.

I thought that I had to indefinitely file away the option of fresh made pasta from an old school, authentic pasta shop. Until I discovered Superior Pasta, the fresh pasta shop in South Philadelphia’s Bella Vista neighborhood. Yes, they’ve got fresh vegan ravioli, among other dairy-free options.  Though Philadelphia is a pretty darn vegan-friendly city, this is beyond friendly. 

Here is the vegan section. Not sure what to get? The very friendly and informative counter man was excited to give his recommendations. No, they did not have a vegan “meat” ravioli unfortunately. (The only time I have seen it was when I made it myself!) But it was their porcini mushroom ravioli that would do the trick. 

Back at home, I was excited to give them a try.

Complete with a sprig of basil from my garden, they were ready to go. I topped them with just a bit of olive oil, garlic, salt, pepper and nutritional yeast. 

And they were perfection. Flavorful, hearty, nostalgic. And they of course had the added deliciousness of authenticity, my favorite ingredient. 

La Bella in Kingston, New York, you’re next.