Sweets In Between Days

Sweets In Between Days

I’ve been out of the kitchen for some time, wrapped up in work… and in the downtime needed to continue to be wrapped up in work. But I made some cupcakes for my brother’s birthday recently. And then I ate about 6 of them.

Is there anything better than chocolate ganache? I believe not. Fluffy buttercream ain’t got nothing on rich, thick chocolate ganache.

My daily walk home from work has me a couple blocks from Champs Bakery but I rarely stop in. But, every once and a while, when I have earned it somehow (this criteria fluctuates), I get myself a sweet treat. This time: the rocky road cheesecake. Though the presentation isn’t the best, the plate of sweet did the trick. The chocolate, Dandies and walnuts were delicious.

The Electrician likes to make sure I have “sweet treat” fixes around the house. We picked up this whoopie pie imported from Cafe Indigo from Whole Foods to quell my pestering cravings. I have tried Cafe Indigo’s treats before at 2008’s Boston Vegetarian Food Festival. I’d like to visit them in person one day. They’re on my list!

Look at that chocolate cakey cookie! I know what you’re thinking… it looks exactly like a Devil Dog! This whoopie pie satisfied on so many levels.