TBT: National Parks

TBT: National Parks

My latest plan is to get to every national park in the country in my lifetime. At this point I have only seen 10 of 49. I’ve included my throwbacks to link to my Parks progress page from my homepage. Though some were visited in the days before digital camera use was widespread… when you had to wait for your cartridge film to be developed, it is nice to see these old pics. They are “#nofilter” although some look like they have a retro wash to them. And they are less plentiful, as you used to conserve your clicks… not knowing what was around the next corner.

Mount Rainier National Park (visited 2000)2000-101



Olympic National Park (visited 2000)2000-124

Redwood National Park (visited 2000)2000-306


Grand Canyon National Park (visited 2005)2005-223





Yosemite National Park (visited 2007)031607 072

031607 082

031607 141

031607 167