Mermaid Outtakes, Mermaid Parade 2017

Mermaid Outtakes, Mermaid Parade 2017

I’m officially sick of seeing pictures of me as a mermaid “blowing up” on social media (i.e. more than 5 likes). But for posterity, I’ll include some fiddled-with outtakes on you, dear blog. Starting with my at-home mermaid hair.

Then, at Coney Island, we got soaked in the rain. This was a nuisance despite being temporarily part fish. 

Major Mermaid Accessories: a little mermaid with beautiful curls to inspect, fake pearls, real bad tattoos, and functional human things like an iPhone and a FitBit.

We are not keeping off the jetty. We’re waiting for Tom Hanks.

This picture is pretty spot-on. I don’t like being surrounded by people, I don’t like the spotlight, and am mostly content to blend into the scenery… and yet I’ve done this wacky parade twice. My love for nautical themes, a good costume dress up and making crafts can override my introversion. But I’m just going to stand here away from everyone for awhile.