I’d like to cook a proper Thanksgiving feast, but it’s not that simple unfortunately. It’d have to be a reheated prepared meal. And thankfully, that ain’t bad at all. With a Whole Foods near, it’s convenient enough. I ordered their Vegan Field Roast with an extra side of Brussels and popped it in the oven before heading to Mom and Pop’s. With gravy, Earth Balance and a batch of my white pumpkin ginger cupcakes en tow, Thursday morning was an easy feat.

My huge plate: a couple of slices of field roast in a pastry shell, green beans with almonds, roasted Brussels sprouts, butternut squash puree, grain and bean stuffing topped with cranberry-orange relish.

I am thankful for the autumn colors.

With a batch for the kids (check!), a batch for the boyfriend’s family (check!) and a batch for my family, my cupcakes were a real hit! Though I am very vanilla, I kind of love these spiced beauties.

I am thankful I can make a batch of cupcakes from scratch… even if my dinner isn’t. Happy Thanksgiving!