The Apple Store

The Apple Store

Under scenic ‘seize-the-day’ duress, the Electrician and I headed north on a beautiful Fall day. The destination was not the over-crowded Bronx crossings or the state roads of New Jersey, although we spent much of our time in these areas. It was Masker Orchards in Warwick, New York… to pick apples and to catch a glimpse of the mid-point foliage. Arriving right smack in the middle of their Apple Fest, the low hanging trees were packing with foraging families. Luckily we had free range to roam their 200 acres of apple trees.

Macintosh and Red Delicious were abound. These ripe varieties were everywhere, the ripest and reddest on the ground–an apple buffet for bottom feeders.

Looks like an apple-maker’s scratch pad.

I had never gone apple picking before. As an adult at least. With a bagful of huge apples, recipes began streaming through my head.

The lightweight, airy Macintosh grow higher to the sky than the weighty Red Delicious.

I was so impressed with the enormity of the apples. To pluck them straight from the branch was so pleasing. Getting carried away with myself, I took a taste. Their skin was chalky and most certainly treated with some unknown yucky stuff. Reality check.

But c’mon, apples on trees that you can pull off. What a lovely thing to have packed and brimming with people!