The Capital of the United States of America

The Capital of the United States of America

It was kind of hard for me not to hum the intro to House of Cards during my visit. It is kind of the best part of the show.
The Capital building peeks out.

The White House.  Whoopie.

Washington’s phallic monument

The National Mall, Lincoln’s Memorial in the far distance.

My favorite memorial, the Korean War Veterans Memorial


Bright foliage

The Washington Monument from the Lincoln Memorial steps.

Lincoln relaxing.

The newest monument, the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial

Our eats: Breakfast was amazing at Fruitive a few blocks from our hotel. All vegan and all perfect.

Sweet Berry waffle (gluten-free) topped with berries, coconut whip, maple syrup, and a sprinkling of lavender, which set this dish over the moon. And so beautiful.

Avocado Herb Toast: avocado, basil pesto mayo, oregano and sea salt on flax and spelt bread. 

Early Riser breakfast wrap: quinoa, black bean and corn salsa, smoked mushrooms, spinach, caramelized onion, etc. A hearty, healthy bite.

A late brunch at Fare Well, the all-vegan diner from the Sticky Fingers peeps.

Buffalo Cauliflower dip: roasted & whipped cauliflower with buffalo cashew cream with toasted baguette. I loved this. Very complex with a great texture.

So good…

My friend’s Chilaquiles: crispy roasted potatoes with tofu scramble, black beans, poblanos, roasted tomato rojo sauce, cilantro crema. Unfortunately it was kind of bland. 

Seitan & Waffles: Southern fried chickpea seitan with waffles with maple syrup.  This needed something to help balance out the wheat-yness.  You have wheat gluten and the waffles.  It’s a lot of grain. The seitan was also very hard and difficult to cut.  A small pile of greens with some acidity would have helped.

Oh boy, delicious cakes abound!

I got a Funfetti slice to go for the trip back to New York. 

The night before’s eats from DC’s HipCity Veg. I posted it last because it was pretty uninspired. 

A dry tempeh burger.  Counter service was poor too. Meh all around. 

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