The Eagle’s Nest on The Gold Coast

The Eagle’s Nest on The Gold Coast

I was so excited to see the long-abandoned saltwater pool of old money millionaire William Vanderbilt, located on the grounds of The Vanderbilt Museum, Mansion & Planetarium in Centerport, Long Island. The 70,000 gallon pool used the water from the Long Island Sound and was the location for Gatsby-style cocktail soirees.  I was looking forward to soaking in all the decrepit, lavish decay.  I’ll admit that I was kind of disappointed that those decrepit days were over.  It was being restored.  Though the pool was clearly still filled in… but with a beautiful lush, green grass.

Things were cleaned and repainted. 

The changing rooms were still in shambles. The electrical work was being done. 

Beyond the formerly abandoned pool, the mansion was pretty.  Most impressive was the decorative metalwork. 


Nearby, Batata Cafe and its vegan menu. This is a relatively new vegan menu based on customer demand.  That’s great and all.  But why on earth isn’t anything freshly made (or freshly heated)? The entirety of the menu is cold and in the deli case. Nothing is made to order.  Why?!  I am not sure as the cafe is filled with eaters with freshly prepared dishes off their regular menu, like on plates and not in plastic containers.  You would think that the huge window sign announcing vegan options would mean they cared enough to treat their vegan diners equally.  Sorry, not good enough.  But here is their butternut mac and cheese.