The Fifth of May

The Fifth of May

Pine Box Rock Shop, a vegan-owned and operated bar in Brooklyn, hosted a special Cinco de Mayo feast, courtesy of Yummy Eats [a pop-up restaurant] and Verily Baked Goods [an impressive baker that does both omni and vegan treats]. Here was the impressive pre-fixe:

Having the choice of two appetizers, I selected the black bean and mango salad in a delish tortilla bowl, as well as guacamole and chips. They also were offering fresh salsa and chips; mushroom ceviche; a kiwi, cucumber & jalapeno cup or a sexy green salad. These fresh, flavorful bites were paired with a sweet blanco sangria filled with yummy berries.

Entree was a smoky veggie chili in a whole wheat bread bowl. It had a lot of heat and I wished I had ordered it atop lime rice rather than in the bowl, which was quite dense.

Yum. Verily’s delicious avocado cupcake. This was spectacular–a moist muted chocolate cupcake with a perfectly textured and sweet-pitched frosting. The frosting tasted a tinge bit like how Play-doh smells but it worked! It was such an interesting flavor. I hope to try more of Verily’s goods, especially after perusing their Flickr album for their other goodies, most which are very un-vegan.

CandyPenny, ArtSparrow and VeganVictuals–and cupcakes.