The Other Peacefood Cafe

The Other Peacefood Cafe

I find myself in Manhattan much these days. But every once and awhile I’ll run my errands across the river and I’ll remember that it still has a lot of unspoiled delights, despite widespread gentrification and irritating midwesterners mulling about in ridiculous eyewear. Like Peacefood Cafe.  Peacefood made a name for itself as an all-vean Upper West Side’s high-end casual cafe and now there’s one by Union Square.  IMG_3601We split a mini-Jenga of Chickpea fries–fried yet delicate and clean… creaminess inside a crisp coat and a dose of Indian seasoning. Since I had killed some time in Whole Foods eating a chocolate chip scone while roaming the aisles and reading product ingredients like story blurbs, I couldn’t eat many.

IMG_3600The Fried Seitan Medallion panini is my Peacefood favorite. Reading the rest of the menu is kind of a futile act.  Fried seitan, cashew cheese, green pesto, arugula and tomato on warm house-made focaccia? Come on. Top that

IMG_3602You only really need one half of this sandwich. It’s pretty heavy. Then you get to eat the rest at a later time, when the toasted bread loses its texture and each bite melds all the fantastic layers together intimately.

IMG_3605Plus you have to leave room for dessert. It was hard to decide on a sweet treat in the end. Their bakery case is loaded.  In the end, I chose a tremendous piece of tiramisu.

It’s nice to have Peacefood more downtown. Union Square’s vegan offerings are now a bit more enticing.