The Red & The Green

The Red & The Green

Sometimes the green skin of a vegetable dumpling is comforting. It says, “there’s definitely not pork in here.” And the bamboo server says, “I’m a superior dumpling.” IMG_3251

SunSpire is the maker of this delicious bar, a long time no need to pack it in the grocery bag favorite. And I don’t think I ever mentioned this in my blog. It’s like a Mounds bar, which I used to love. Just make sure to get the one in the red package.IMG_3360

The red house is all dressed up for the holiday season.IMG_3266

Then it was time to top the Volvo with the Balsam Fir. IMG_3384

Frank is always excited when the tree comes. He loves the smells, the texture-y rubs, and the new water dish.


The outside kitties stay warm in their makeshift nest, the wintered pea bush. IMG_3260