The Sweet of the Earth

The Sweet of the Earth

After almost 10 years of blogging, what more can I say about my love for the Earth’s candy? I have deconstructed the pleasure of eating fruit every which way. But it’s not enough. Now, finally–after many hours of rebooting and overhauling this here blog, fixing a months-long neglected slow load that, I’m sure, alienated my only two readers–I am ready to go on and on about my favorite fruit again. . .

Mango: A mango is not perfect until its skin is Simpons-colored–a bright, vibrant orangy yellow that is only possible when its texture is soft, moist and oozes a slick, sugary coat. Ripe mango needs nothing. But a slightly salty, creamy coconut milk complements. Unripe mango is not mango really. Here is mango with its BFFer, coconut.  They’re a good combo, in real life form–and in frozen. That’s mango 101.

Watermelon: I long for the days of seasonal watermelon all year. Crisp and juicy with a shimmering white highlight, like the lapping waves of the ocean’s surface, is perfect. How does 91% water taste so darn amazing?IMG_7268

Banana: I can’t tell you when the last time I ate a banana conventionally was– peel slowly and see type fashion. I prefer them mashed up and in stuff, like my weekly batch of chia oatmeal or baked as banana bread. I wish they sold them ripe and speckled. I have been known to dig deep in banana end caps in search of ripened ones. And the thought of heading to a seedy corner store in search of forgotten and ripened bananas has crossed my mind plenty.

Strawberries: My father requested my berry parfaits for father’s day. And thankfully the farmers market has tons of berries now. They taste like real strawberries, not those tasteless, unnaturally plumped strawberries they sell at the super market. A good strawberry reminds you of why strawberry candy tastes as it does.
PicMonkey Collage

Beets: They are not really fruits, but c’mon. Is there a more beautiful plant part we eat? Certainly not. There are two kinds of people: A) those who love beets and B) others. All people fall into two camps That ever twain shall be; Those lost in darkness without lamps; And then, my love and me (Magnetic Fields)IMG_7436

And a new, strange fruit: Mamey. Occasionally I will shell out ducket for an exotic fruit that I’ve never tried. This time it was mamey, a small papaya-ish fruit that has the texture of an underripe avocado. I didn’t enjoy it all that much, but that is likely because it wasn’t ripe enough. It wasn’t sweet, but earthy and musky, like its yonic shape. Next time, I’ll wait. PicMonkey Collage2