These are a few of my favorite things: Everything Bagels from Bagel Dock

These are a few of my favorite things: <b>Everything Bagels from Bagel Dock</b>

You’ll likely think me a total dullard when I confess that one of the most pleasurable moments of my week is Saturday morning: biting into a twice-toasted everything whole wheat bagel from Freeport, Long Island’s Bagel Dock smeared with Earth Balance and Bonne Maman four fruit preserves. Sure, sure, it may be because I only have it on the weekend when I am free and rested and comfy at my boyfriend’s house, yes. It’s all of that plus it is the best bagel ever. And Long Island knows a thing or two about bagels.

The Bagel Dock is a few blocks from The Electrician‘s house. So when the blizzard hit, it made for a perfect adventurist walk through the unshoveled side streets. Since there is nary a slither of my existence this pass week, I present a small, subdued photo essay.

Photo #1: En route

Photo #2: Arrival
Photo #3: The reward