These Are a Few of My Favorite Things: Sunflowers

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things: <b>Sunflowers</b>

When I picked up my rental car in Charleston and started on Highway 17 south to start my trip, I saw these sunflowers–a bright smear of yellow. Happy faces peeking from a lush sea of green. I love sunflowers. There would be hardly much more pleasing than to frolic between rows of sunflowers with my camera.

But I’d only been driving like 20 minutes after a delayed flight and was eager to make up some time on the road. So I drove past, dismissing the notion of pulling over for a stop so soon. But I couldn’t shake the regret for the many miles that went by.  Even though I’d be at Babette’s Seeds of Hope next week, I knew that there wouldn’t be blooms in Minnesota like this bloom down south and its sweltering sun. I kept saying the name of the farm in my head, or what I though was the name: “Chaucy Farms.” I said it similar to David Brent when he is mentioning Canterbury Tales to Tim. Then I remembered 17 (as in 17 south) by singing Winger’s Seventeen.

So on my way back into Charleston, I was hawking the side of the road, ready to pull in and inquire about whether I could take pictures. Long story short, I made it and was given permission to take pictures. So these are a few of my favorite things: a whole lot of sunflowers.


This reminds me of “God’s Coming, Look Busy.” DSC_0054

The sun was so powerful, most of the sunflowers were staring at their feet. Shoe gazers. This made me love them more. I imagine them as introverts trying to lessen the stimulations of their environment.DSC_0058


Some fresh onesDSC_0082

I want to photshop books underneath all their heads. DSC_0084

Some were completely burned out.DSC_0089


How wonderful that so much land would be used for these sunflowers, which bear no fruit or profit.DSC_0114


There is the sunflower seeds I suppose.DSC_0141