These Are A Few of My Favorite Things: Taking Pictures

These Are A Few of My Favorite Things: <b>Taking Pictures</b>

Ever since I got my first Le Click camera as a lil’ bambino I have loved taking pictures. I have albums documenting my life, its inhabitants and biomes, since elementary school. I have several theories about why that I’m sure you’ll find cogent had I the energy to explain. But it’s mostly that I think in pictures and I frame my experiences in regard to their relative light, composition and how I can flip through ’em. Or perhaps, as someone who loves to write, I find a photograph’s efficiency appealing… the thousand words that I would toil over delivered much more easily? I bring this up now in order to help me make a decision. As my birthday nears and I decide what to treat myself with, I have narrowed down my options to either a new camera (Canon Digital Rebel XTi) or a MacBook Pro. Certainly, in a practical sense, the notebook would prove to be extremely useful to this avid traveler, blogger and graduate student… but lately my bumper reads “Practical Schmactical”. What to do?

In hopes to inspire an answer to my quandary, here are some of my favorite shots in the last couple of years.