Toast & Co.: Stepping Up Vegan Options on Long Island

Toast & Co.: Stepping Up Vegan Options on Long Island

Toast & Co. is a bustling breakfast spot right off Huntington Village’s main drag, New York Avenue. Once you visit, it is easy to see why it brings in such crowds. It’s got that old fashioned diner ambiance, great service, and… a separate vegan menu that is spectacular on its own. And even more so when one considers this is Long Island. IMG_4122

Chef K, host of the recent VEEDA dinner pop-up, is the reason for this wonderful menu addition. Notice the far left corner’s notation. This menu is only available when Chef K is in, typically Monday through Friday from 9am to 2pm. It’s advisable to call ahead to confirm the availability of the menu. My first visit I was disappointed to learn the vegan chef was not in. IMG_4117

But there is a no-fail vegan option that is on the regular menu the waiter recommended, his “go to” when interested vegans miss Chef K. A black bean patty on top of dressed greens–simple, flavorful and clean. I was surprised how light and tasty it was. I certainly did not leave hungry… but I wanted that vegan menu! IMG_4118

So on Black Friday, I took a second trip, scoring the sandwich I had been eyeing since my last visit: The Heirloom Carrot Grilled Cheese. This was an amazing sandwich, likely the best I’ve ever had on Long Island, hands down. With carrot top pesto, roasted heirloom carrots, a housemade (!) mozzarella cheese, pickled artichokes, tuscan kale and pressed on a perfect sourdough boule, the sandwich is inventive, oozingly pleasing and well-balanced. And the salad on the side, beautiful watermelon radish and vibrant greens, topped with a nut parmesan. I feel Chef K’s love for vegetables in her sandwich.  IMG_4447

Check out the vegan mozzarella glob: clean, creamy, delicious. PicMonkey Collage1 I also got the Peruvian Hash, shredded root veggies, spices and herbs drizzled with a creamy Hollandaise-y sauce. Spectacular. I’m ready to join the next 6-course dinner!IMG_4444

And when in Rome, I find all things vegan, including cupcake options at the gluten-free Wild Flours Bake Shop. I’ve said this before: gluten-free is difficult. These cupcakes were dense and a bit gummy. But I do appreciate vegan options wherever they are. IMG_4127