Tofu Pasanda From Vegan Richa

Tofu Pasanda From Vegan Richa

I love Indian food. What other cuisine would have me using 8+ spices to prepare?  8+ spices plus tons of garlic and fresh ginger… Heavenly.  Because the warmth of those spices and it’s crockpot-friendliness, Tofu Pasanda is my lunch for the week.  The recipe is from the master: Vegan Richa.

Also, a new grain: Millet. 2:1/water: millet ratio and an easy simmer to fluffy low-glycemic and fiber rich alternate to rice.  I toasted the seeds first to enhance their flavor.

Spice World

And a kale accompaniment. 

Tofu getting its brown on.

I had to use up this Miyoko cheese so I used it as a garnish of sorts, thinking about paneer.

And a heaping tablespoon of mango chutney from a jar since mangoes are out of season. Hello, lunch.

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