Truffled Hummus Crêpes and Vegan Mallomars. And Drool.

Truffled Hummus Crêpes and Vegan <i>Mallomars</i>. And Drool.

I spent 5 years of my life working across the street from Chelsea Market, a unique indoor market of some of New York City’s finest culinary upstarts and the homebase of the ubiquitous Food Network. It has been quite some time since I checked Chelsea Market  out; I discovered that it had grown quite a bit. A large space that used to be a single store has been converted into several wondrous booths, a sort of “foodie” food court. The court is home to my lunch and dessert destination: Suzette Creperie, a crêperie with a vegan/gluten-free batter option, and One Lucky Duck, takeaway raw from the people of Pure Food and Wine. A kind of fantastic way to spend $20.

At Bar Suzette you get to watch your crêpe be assembled. I watched as the man smeared black truffle hummus on a thin crêpe, topped that with some shredded market veggies and drizzled it with truffle oil before folding the light, magnifiscent crêpe about it. These are true crêpes, ladies and gentlemen, and not thick and pancake-like some other vegan crêpes (by name only) I’ve tried. Very well done.

This savory crêpe was so satisfying. The truffle oil pushed me over the edge. I stared into its innards lovingly as a devoured it slowly, barely breaking for sips of my Boylan.

Shredded delight. So flavorful. Bar Suzette offered the vegan batter for any of its savory or sweet varieties. On this, my first visit, I kept it simple and tried their designated vegan Truffled Hummus crêpe.

Next, dessert. The One Lucky Duck Mallomar is probably in the top 25 best treats I ever ate. Raw chocolate-coated grounded pecan wafer with a huge, pillowy dollop of vanilla cream drizzled seductively with chocolate. Phew. I’m going to tease you first with the packaging.

There she is, glistening.

I love me some visible vanilla beans. 

A little chocolate in the corner of my mouth… “Raw Mallomar was here”