Undead in Reading, Pennsylvania

Undead in Reading, Pennsylvania

A friend and I were official registered zombies for the 5K obstacle course Zombie Mud Run in Reading, Pennsylvania, part of the 26-year running premiere haunted attraction Shocktoberfest.  Our task: arrive early, become a zombie… and grab the brains, heart and entrails (flags) of the registered human runners. Of course, that last part was the most fun. 

After a long day of work, the usual challenges of driving out of the New York City area on a Friday, and on only 3 and a half hours sleep, we arrived early. Check! Then the talented special effects make-up artists would turn us into zombies. Wardrobe, a little air brushing, and some blood-speckling and we were done. 
Before and after.

We had some time before being stationed along the course. So we, of course, got picture happy. It’s not everyday that one is this ugly. 

A vegan Zombie in Merrells, which I did not mean to color coordinate. 

This was the Zone 5 gang. We had the most important zone to cover, the final zone before the finish line. These guys were great and we hope to see them all next year!  As a first-timer, I felt good about collecting 10 flags from the runners.  

Afterwards, we drove back to New York still zombie-pretty.  I was reluctant to shower and clean up because my developed zombie persona would be gone. One final picture. The make-up washed off very easily.