Unicorns Are So Hot Right Now

Unicorns Are So Hot Right Now

I made this cute cake for a good friend of mine. I got a little cake-trendy with it. Besides the whole unicorn thing, I filled it with a mix of goodies that’ll pour out upon slicing… 

To do this, use a biscuit cutter to punch out the centers of your bottom layers, frosting them in between. Then fill it with candies and top with the final layer… which has no cut-out. 

I don’t like using food coloring so much… but this is a unicorn cake. After frosting the cake with vanilla buttercream, I made separate bowls of pink, yellow and baby blue. Glopping all of them in a piping bag together will result in pretty swirled piping. 

I used an organic ice cream cone for the horn, chocolate candies for the little eyes and adorned the rainbow swirly hair with candies and sprinkles. 

This unicorn has no ears. No big deal.

I overcompensated in the mane department. I used miniature Dandies, Skittles, CVS store brand gum drops (which have no gelatin), and vegan rainbow sprinkles.