Unlabor Days are Over: Last Cabana Days

Unlabor Days are Over: Last Cabana Days

So what if it was cold and overcast? The last weekend before the new school year is time to hit the cabana and hold on tight.  That means eats, too.  Cous cous salad with kale, basil and tomatoes from the garden.

The last of the tiramisu.

My last batch of vegan cheese, the same mozzarella recipe from my lasagna project, but I mixed in herbs de provence.

Potato salad with a mayo I made. It is crazy how much salt potatoes need.  They just eat it all up.  This potato salad tasted great when I made it but was bland by the time I served it. 

I made aquas frescas. Here is the Watermelon, Lime, & Mint

And the Cucumber Pineapple Cilantro and Pineapple Mint

We were the only ones at the beach. 

Getting rid of the cabana’s snacks, the seagulls feast on boondi.

Going to the beach without going into the water is not really going to the beach.  Despite the cold, the rip current, the rain, etc, we got in briefly. (Photo by AS)

Goodbye, Summer. Thanks for the time and all the beautiful things you give.