V.V. in Rochester: Eco Bella Bakery

V.V. in Rochester: Eco Bella Bakery

Continuing the all-vegan upstate New York theme, I bring you pictures of some wonderful vegan goodies hiding in a sleepy street in downtown Rochester, the treats of Eco Bella Bakery.

I’ve written of the pleasures of an all-vegan establishment before. What can often be a grueling process of ordering food becomes effortless. Of course the “grueling” process is well-worth it as my choice to be vegan for 14 years stands on many different foundations–one being I like to know exactly what I am putting into my body. At an all-vegan eatery I am suspended in the splendor of complete trust and the excitement of possibility.

In this state I usually eat too much. Case in point: the blueberry filled cupcake, alongside CandyPenny‘s chocolate and peanut butter brownie. The blueberry cupcake was spot on: a subtle, almost corn bread like cupcake topped with the perfect pipe of buttercream, garnished with some fresh blueberries and some colored sprinkles (India Tree?)

Also mine in the sweets frenzy: Rocky Road cupcake and delicious and delicate pecan-topped Snickerdoodle. The cupcake was very good, a subdued chocolate cake topped with all the Rocky Road requirements… chocolate chips, nuts and ♡Dandies marshmallows♡. Eco Bella does a fantastic job making goodies that are not overly sweet, something any food lover appreciates. Sugar ≠ deliciousness. Given how much sweetener is added to processed foods, one can say it’s used more often to fool a taste bud into accepting a whole bunch of crappy ingredients.

“Closer,” I say like Hannibal Lechter. Here is Rocky Road scrumptiousness next to the owner-recommended Snickerdoodle. Mmmm-a great start to the morning. Now onward to Canada.. Oh Canada…