Vegan Bananas Foster Cake

Vegan Bananas Foster Cake

DSC_0003Banana in dessert form is one of my favorites. Nothing beats a soft, sweetened warm banana. Not even you, chocolate. A banana-based dessert is a sure bet. A banana-based dessert that is born of My Sweet Vegan Hannah Kaminsky is an even surer bet! I’ve been wanting to make her Bananas Foster cake for years now. So long that that Post-it is now permanently fused into the page. In a dash to fill 2013 with more productivity, I checked the recipe of my to-do list.

DSC_0004Hannah’s recipes are so delicious. She succeeds in helping shed ‘vegan’ of its tasteless, bland baked good roots. I appreciate this tremendously as I was there, almost two decades ago, suffering through food that, sure, was vegan but was not at all tasty. These base cakes are just perfect. Deep sweetness from both dark and light brown sugar with vanilla and mashed banana–this ain’t no banana bread. It’s light, springy: it’s cake. I divied up a half recipe into 2 of the many pieces of bakeware The Electrician gave me for Christmas.

DSC_0007Her caramel buttercream was a perfect but the sauteed banana was the star. I wish I had another banana to fill the entire top of the cake. Vanilla, cake, banana… this is my kind of cake.

DSC_0011Just another glimpse before I cut you open…

DSC_0024Pretty on the inside. Isn’t that a Hole album?

DSC_0017In non-cake news, the pretty cat outside has been checking things out inside the house… much to Frankenstein and Thermos’s frustration.