Vegan Big Mac Attack

Vegan Big Mac Attack

PicMonkey CollageYou know a place like Doomies. They’ve got “down-home,” gluttonous eats, the kind you mostly swore off as a vegan. Their space is a bit dank and sticky, which is part of the overall dining experience. I ordered the Vegan Big Mac off the “secret menu.” Because, you kind of have to.


The Big Mac arrived promptly and it hit us. The familiar nostalgic smell, so distinct.: the smell of a Big Mac. The look of a Big Mac… or, at least, the one depicted in McDonald’s ads. (We all know the Big Mac looks drastically different than those ads upon delivery.) What made that smell? How did they get it at Doomies?


2 all-soy patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun. About as big as my head. Did I eat it all? No way, barely a quarter of it was finished by the time we stopped picking on it. It didn’t help that it weighed a ton (a clear departure from the “real” Big Mac) and was pretty much impossible to get in your mouth. Most definitely a When in Rome selection.IMG_9963