{Vegan} Caviar should be round, and hard, and of adequate size, and should burst in your mouth at precisely the right moment.

Since I went vegan in my teenage years, there are many “delicacies” I have never tried. And I have no problem with this. Caviar. Foie gras. Gefilte fish. Pickled herring. Haggis. Ostrich egg. Shark fins. Testicles. Poisonous Puffer fish. Insects. Breast milk from some other mammal. Fermented breast milk solids from some other mammal. (Ok, just making a point.)¬†Before I’ve ever had the opportunity to feel a slither of a pang of regret, there is a new vegan product to swoop in and fulfill my unmet wants. [There’s even vegan “human flesh” if I ever so desire.] So yes, maybe vegan caviar is not exactly like salty fish eggs.. it still is a great salty texture contrast on some pieces of veggie sushi. (Vegan sushi from Franchia’s vegan tapas menu.)