Vegan Coats That Are Warm: Hoodlamb Hemp Tailors

Vegan Coats That Are Warm: Hoodlamb Hemp Tailors

Hoodlamb make all-vegan coats that are warm. Yes, warm… and vegan. Not accidentally, but on purpose.

For a while, it was a pipe dream in my bookmarks because they’re pretty costly.  Even more so given the Euro conversion. But I bought one with my holiday bonus.  Because it’s the kind of purchase that is worth its weight in gold, and these coats are heavy.

So how is it warm and vegan?  Well, it’s lined with lined with 10mm pile height organic hemp and recycled PET faux-fur, along with a water resistant hemp and organic cotton twill outer shell. The environmentally friendly coating is made from “natural cellulose derived from the inner core of the hemp stalk.” Cool. They are designed beautifully with plenty of functional pockets including a “patented rolling paper dispenser.” Hmmm. Besides beauty and function, they are crafted with loving care–for the environment, for animals, and for you–with all fabrics grown without insecticides, herbicides, fungicides or other synthetic agricultural chemicals; they’re allergen-free, all-vegan, organic, sustainable. They’re the real deal.

As far as fitting, that is a bit harder for me. First, I am petite. Second, I have an hourglass figure. I initially went with the slim-cut Ladies’ Long HoodLamb Coat in a size small. I loved the off-center zipper and the feminine shape. However, I wound up sending it back.  Given the price, I did not want to settle with small nuisances of fit. What was wrong? Zipping up the coat, the high neck went halfway up my face and was very restrictive. Of course this is because of my shorter torso, no doubt. It was much more comfortable unzipped… but then some of that warmth goes out the window and that is why I spent all the loot on the coat to begin with. Also, my hips made the waist bunch up awkwardly. I kept having to pull it down over my hips. And my chest… they throw off fit a lot. It was a bit of a smush flat-fest, which is very unflattering. Finally, the two-way zipper was also a bit rough. I couldn’t zip it up quickly on the fly, which would have been very annoying to deal with continuously. A beautiful coat, no doubt, but more for a taller woman with less curves.

I exchanged the coat for the Ladies’ HoodLamb Parka. This parka seemed to answer all of the fit issues I experienced with the Long Coat. 1, the neck, I could tell, could be better adjusted to my face. The hips flared a bit more and the drawstring waist would help the coat adjust to my measurements. The back also drops down further than the front. I’m sure there is a real fashion term for this… ducktail? Who knows. Also, the cut is a less slim ‘regular’ too, so my curves would have a bit more freedom. I chose wisely on this second pick. The Hoodlamb Parka fits me well! And it is warm. It is pretty impressive how much heat this coat holds in. The beautiful hood that, when up, makes me feel like a princess stay well on your head and is luxurious. It rests on the front of your forehead rather than the temples of your head like my last coat’s hood, which stunk and blew off all the time. The drawstring waist gives you great flexibility in style.  Can I start my photoshoot now?

The ‘rolling papers’ pocket.

The lining sheds a little bit.