Vegan Croissant.

Vegan Croissant.

Vegan Croissant. Yes, a vegan croissant! A greasy, oily croissant. Holy Moly.

Champs in Williamsburg, Brooklyn has transformed into a diner. Vinyl booths and all! And on top of that shimmery vinyl seat I sat, wrapping my greasy fingers around a vegan croissant S.A.G., their Boneshakers signature scramble sandwich. Tofu scramble, Daiya mozzarella (since I was going all out glutton) and sausage.

The vegan croissant (I like saying those words together) was just a s buttery and flakey as the non-vegan kind. This is an outstanding vegan version I know I will come back for. Champs is a good greasy spoon eatery. I want to throw an axe in their microwave, however. My food was cold in a couple of minutes.

For dessert I had their rainbow cookie because, besides my own, I have never seen vegan rainbow cookies. It wasn’t really a cookie though. It wasn’t even a cake even. Though it had an accurate almond-y taste, the texture was not there.

I do love the colors. Champs is a nice addition to the neighborhood and they do a lot well. For their other little snags, I wish to offer them my consulting services. I work for French toast slices.