Vegan Cuts April Product Glimpse

<i>Vegan Cuts</i> April Product Glimpse

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DSC_0053I was delighted to get a full-sized Teese heat n’ serve cheese in my April box from Vegan Cuts! I remember the first time I tasted Teese, Chicago Vegan Foods‘ vegan cheese, at the Boston Vegetarian Food Festival in 2008 (see here). It was vegan cheese satisfaction pre-Daiya. I am glad to see that Teese is still making new cheese products for the vegan faithful. I am waiting for them (please, please!) to make vegan Combos.

DSC_0057Of course, I had to squeeze its contents in a hot pot of elbow noodles asap. It oozed out like Easy-cheese. You remember Easy-cheese, right?

DSC_0060What a delicious nostalgic delight, a bowl of Mac n’ cheese! It is now a squeeze away. Support Chicago Vegan Foods because they make the best vegan non-dairy and they’ll never sell out to Kraft, which is a viable threat given market trends.