Vegan Divas, New All-Vegan Bakery in Manhattan

Vegan Divas, New All-Vegan Bakery in Manhattan

I can count the times I’ve been above 34th street this year on my thumb and index finger creating a big “0”…  but today I ventured uptown, on the east side, to have a sweet bite from a newly opened bakery. Vegan Divas Bakery, a health-minded baker supplying NYC with sweets since 2010 (check out my shot of their yummy caramel pecan brownie here), opened their very own storefront on the Upper East Side. And nothing gets this gal more excited than “all” and “vegan” hanging around a hyphen. Here’s my report.

Vegan Divas is a health-orientated vegan bakery. The menus posted outside boast the low calorie counts for each of Head Baker & Founder Helene Safdie’s delectable treats. Although I am not one to feign guilt over eating decadent treats being the ravenous glutton that I am, I understand that there is a real need for healthier eating options across the board… and that many are vegan for health reasons. That being said, Helene’s treats are delicious and healthier than many of the Manhattan’s baked good options. They hit the sweet notes on target but also feel clean and vibrant, a testament to the quality of the minimal ingredients she uses.  

So the helpful young man at the counter gave me some advice and I selected my goodies: a chocolate-glazed donut, a coconut vanilla-glazed donut, and a deep, dark, rich chocolate brownie. Each were yum-yum: cakey and Earthy but with a sweet punch. While I sat photographing my goodies, another man offered me a free cup of their soft serve! It was a tofu-based ginger vanilla ice cream topped with coconut and nuts. The ginger flavor was subtle and unexpected. I am curious what other flavors they have coming down the pipeline. 

The donut spread. There are minis up top that I cut off in the excitement of wanting to sit and eat my plate of treats.

Besides what’s pictured they also have fresh squeezed juice and some breakfast items, as well as cakes, cookies, and muffins. I will certainly be back to sample the rest of their goodies. Thanks Vegan Divas and best of luck!