Vegan Doughnuts Done Well

Vegan Doughnuts Done Well

I first noticed Dun-Well‘s doughnuts popping up at Bone Shakers in my neighborhood in Brooklyn quite some time ago. Since the dapper vegan doughnut duo have raised their fundraising goal on Indiegogo & opened their very own space on Montrose avenue in East Williamsburg. It took me several weeks to check the place out even though I’ve since learned it’s about a 15-minute walk from my apartment.

With an early start and high hopes for fresh vegan doughnuts that can do the East coast proud, I was finally outside their door. With the West coast trumping big time (the almighty Mighty O in Seattle, the quirky vegan selection at Voodoo Doughnuts in Portland & Eugene, the famous Ronald’s Donuts in Las Vegas and San Fran’s Peoples Donuts, etc), doughnuts just seemed to be an aside for the big east bakers. The doughnut ain’t no cupcake, ain’t no cookie. It’s a damn doughnut.

And here they are. Rows and rows of doughnuts, dressed to kill. Yeasty raised puffed pillows of yum. Deep fried wonders drenched in a shiny sugar dress. I want to bite you. But first, I want to look at you… Ok. Special thanks to the Dun-Well man for letting us behind the counter to take a shot. It was decision time.

I chose the banana-walnut yeast-raised baby, dripped and drizzled in vanilla and chocolate glaze. It was a fantastic doughnut. New York City gets a bit more vegan credibility and I have a new neighborhood option in which to devour all that which my taste buds desire. Next time I will have to try a fried one. Or two.

I am so excited Dun-Well is here and wish them success. With this level of quality, maybe NYC can be a contender in vegan eats. C’mon New York!