Vegan Fest at The Refuge

Vegan Fest at The Refuge

With vegan options popping up and expanding all over the place, my vegan radar has a constant and continuous bleep-bleep. From new eateries to new options and special events, I wish my appetite can keep up. But when I saw the invite to The Refuge‘s Vegan Fest, I knew I had to squeeze a stop into the start of a busy weekend, especially since it was only a week long!

I’m a big fan of the prix fixe… especially an all-vegan one. And, in general, I am a big fan of seeing the word “vegan” loud and proud. 

The Carrot Tartare was a perfect appetizer. Fresh, vibrant, and flavorful, it woke up my whole mouth, getting it ready for more. So much flavor, but best: the acidity and bites of heat. With pistachio, roasted garlic, fresh lemon, coriander, dijon mustard served on thin, crispy wonton chips, the textures were also pleasing. I know I am going on about raw carrot quite a bit, but damn! This was a well-composed appetizer.

It was tough to decide my entree course. Each option was appealing. In the end I chose the Sweet Pea Ravioli with seitan meatballs, spaghetti squash, and tomato basil sauce.

It was a comforting dish. The meatballs were out of this world. So good that when one rolled off the table and onto the floor when I was packing my to-go container, I used the 5-second rule to determine it fine for consumption. The sweet pea was also pleasing, but I would have preferred the meatball concoction inside the pasta. Seitan ravioli? Hell. Yes. 

For dessert, the Chocolate Avocado Mousse with fresh strawberries. Sooo good. I loved that I could detect the avocado inside the chocolaty goodness. I wrapped most of it up after I ate the strawberries. I would love this mousse layered with a bit more elements. Coconut whip, more berries, cake crumbles… my mouth is watering just thinking of the possibilities. 

Such a fantastic meal! Thank you Refuge for embracing and expanding your vegan offerings. xo