Vegan French Macarons: Feel Good Desserts

Vegan French Macarons: Feel Good Desserts

I think I love the fact that there are vegan macarons more than I love eating vegan macarons. Having been vegan for 17 years, I would have never imagined vegan options would come so far. It is a spectacular thing. That being said, I certainly do love eating these delicate treats. And I feel like I have to try each and every version I discover. So when an innocent hashtag search on Instagram lead me to discover Feel Good Desserts, a California-based dessert-maker, I quickly made an order of their 16-piece French macaron assortment… all of their flavors. And after some dry ice issues, I received my macarons. Here is my review.

I was delighted at first glance. After all, when it comes to French macarons, looks really count. The tall cookies had great “feet.” The colors were pleasing and bright, but lead me to wonder about their coloring’s origins. Their website states a bit vaguely, “The natural colors and flavors are always organic and based on fruit, vegetables, or edible flowers.” DSC_0007

Beautiful, they very much were! Here is the banana, blueberry and raspberry. Taste-wise, I wondered the same thing I did about the coloring. They tasted a bit extract-y. (Was I spoiled by Sweet Maresa‘s French macarons (reviewed here), who frolics in nature to handpick her flavor enhancers. Maybe.) Feel Good’s macarons are delicious, trust me. Having had only two types of vegan macarons in my day (besides a home baker’s attempt here and there), I can’t help but make comparisons between the two. DSC_0012

My favorite flavors were the Chocolate set: Chocolate, Coffee, Hazelnut, and Vanilla. I could have munched on these one after another if.. well, I guess I could have. It’s easy to give in when the treat is gluten Free, soy-free,refined sugar-free–but not sugar free. In fact they are very sweet. The filling, too. DSC_0017

Let’s look again at these beautiful cookies.

The characteristically light, air-filled cookie cross-section. DSC_0028

After this delicious “research,” I think I am ready to try my hand at making vegan French Macarons.  Stay tuned!