Vegan Holiday Treats For Sweets

Vegan Holiday Treats For Sweets

I hadn’t made vegan rainbow cookies for years! And since then my baking skills and kitchen set-up has improved a great deal. With dessert duty for a work potluck and inside the inspiration of the holiday cookie issue of Bon Appétit, I had to step it up. I used The Veg Life’s awesome recipe because it’s easy. And the pictures! Droooool…

So here’s a rundown on the vegan rainbow cookie, turned ombré cookie. Three bowls of batter in shades of green.
PicMonkey Collage1

My favorite Bon Maman Four Fruits jam. I was lazy and didn’t strain it.IMG_4981

Stacking of the cookies.IMG_5002

Beautiful green topped with its chocolate hat. Next week, I’ll do traditional colors for the family Christmas. Then, what else should I do with the remaining almond paste?IMG_5024

These look great, yes. But they taste even better, an amazing vegan version of a childhood favorite.IMG_5014

They were made for Instagram.IMG_5030

The cookies and the Bon Appétit.IMG_5025

More dessert! Pumpkin chocolate chip cupcakes, because I am still using the pumpkin purée.

Star tip makes nice piping easy.IMG_4986

A ton of vanilla beans tell the world, “Hey, I’m classy!”IMG_4990

Dessert is done!