Vegan Long Island Roaming [Part 2]

Vegan Long Island Roaming [Part 2]

Sweet To Lick Vegan Bakery in Williston Park was 11 days old when I visited. The fresh space has been a bakery for many years… but now it is home to Long Island’s first all-vegan bakery.PicMonkey Collage.jpgBaker and owner Michael had a delicious spread for us, as I expected. I have been a fan since coming across the treats at a Long Island Growers Market (see here)… but a storefront, open 7 days a week, 20 minutes from my house? Oh yeah. This is an exciting development for Long Island. Who wants to split a Campfire Cake?

DSC_0004I went for a childhood favorite, veganized. He nailed it. The draped chocolate coating, the slight tang of the super sweet cream, the porous chocolate cake with the casual feel… It all felt just like the Yodel!

It even had that slight brick red shade. I want a box of these… every week.

IMG_4971I also got the chocolate chip cookie dough cupcake, topped with their perfect chocolate chip cookie. I was happy to have more of that thick, cream cheese-y sweet vanilla frosting. I am beyond excited that Sweet To Lick is open. To channel my enthusiasm, I have booked a Vegan Long Island Meet-up event.

For lunch we traveled to an unlikely spot to savor cuisine from Ghana, Africa… Deer Park, NY. We dined at Taste of Africa for a vegan-friendly meal. Not knowing what we wanted, the very friendly counterlady gave us a tasting plate of all the vegetarian dishes that were available! Curried veggies, a cabbage slaw, rice and beans, a spicy rice, a spinach side made creamy with a ground seed, black-eyed peas and a plantain. It was hearty and savory, the perfect balance of tastes after our sweet, sweet breakfast at the bakery.DSC_0011

IMG_4973Portions were really big on and I could barely eat half my meal. Luckily this fantastic gingerade kick-started digestion. This potent punch of ginger was very well-received. No wimpy dose of ginger here. The best level of ginger causes a tingling sensation in the uvula.

I’m very delighted to discover even more great vegan offerings near my home. Let’s keep working at this vegan thing, Long Island.