Vegan Marshmallow Mud Cake

Vegan Marshmallow Mud Cake

Since moving I’ve been peeking at my cookbooks ore often. My Sweet Vegan is literally brimming with little Post-its marking the recipes that enticed me. Post-its on the tops of pages, on the sides, on the corners. It’s been years since I flipped through its pages and I no longer remember the rhyme or reason for this placement. One thing is for sure. I needed to make the Marshmallow Mud Cake before another year passes. And with non-traditional Thanksgiving festivities with the family on the calendar, I was on it!Getting started, deep dark cocoa is a must.

The batter was a bit thick, even with a splash more of milk. It came out of the oven looking like an enormous Dutch Fudge cookie with a soft, spring bounce. I will have to make this cake again when I don’t plan on piling a bunch of super-sweet white glop on its top.

Making the marshmallow topping was quite the adventure. I blew out the motor on the handmixer. It seriously was smoking. The Electrician hooked the mixer attachment into his drill and it still did not whip up to peaks. I wound up smearing the marshmallow mixer on top of the cake.

Last but not least the chocolate drizzle. I felt like Jackson Pollack flipping drizzles of dark chocolate on a stark white canvas. Gorgeous.

So pretty.

Once sliced, the marshmallow topping oozed and morphed, freeform style.