vegan Maulwurfkuchen / vegan German Mole Hill Cake

vegan Maulwurfkuchen / vegan German Mole Hill Cake

I was so excited to try this cake out after seeing BestofVegan‘s post in Instagram. Always on the hunt for new baking adventures and always having a lot of bananas to use up, this was perfect!
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To start, you need to make a chocolate cake. I doubled Isa’s basic chocolate cupcake recipe… because it’s the best vegan chocolate cake recipe, hands down. I used a 9″ springform pan, locking the parchment with the pan. (I am tickled to have thought of this trick myself, though maybe it’s a well known life hack?) Then, scoop out the cake’s innards after it cools, setting them aside for topping later.PicMonkey Collage1

I made some vanilla buttercream… but I also had a bunch of coconut whip I had to find a use for. If I made it again, I’d go for all coconut whip. Considering I had both to use, I layered the bottom of the cake with the buttercream, laid down bananas (cut lengthwise then halved) and then covered with the coconut cream. Cover with the crumbs you scooped out and let set for an hour in the fridge. PicMonkey Collage2

Then take a lot of pictures of your beautiful creation. If you’re crafty, make the mole.

Chocolate deliciousness…DSC_0008

Bananas are hiding!DSC_0016

What a fantastic cake.DSC_0026

Hubba hubbaDSC_0033

Another fun cake to add to my repertoire…DSC_0040