Vegan Monkey Bread.

Vegan Monkey Bread.

DSC_0083I’ve never had Monkey Bread before. But I’ve made dough. So surely I was able to take the dough and drench it in Earth Balance, sugar and cinnamon. Using this recipe from Yes, I Want Cake, it was fool-proof and deceivingly easy!

PicMonkey CollageCutting the dough into little chunks, immersing each in melted EB, and dredging each in sugar was a sloppy ordeal. This Monkey Bread was to accompany me to my parents to celebrate my brother’s birthday. So I couldn’t take a lick.

DSC_0095After a double-dose of rising and a quick bake in the oven, more sugar!!

DSC_0096Deliciously drenched sweet Monkey Bread.


DSC_0102I’ll be making this again real soon!