Vegan Options at Brooklyn’s Barclay Center

Vegan Options at Brooklyn’s Barclay Center

Scoring some primo seats for a Brooklyn Nets game, that included all food, I made it my mission to find all the vegan eats at the Barclays Center, Brooklyn’s newish, rusted arena on Atlantic Avenue. Oh, and there was a basketball game on, as well.

Like most arenas, there are slim-pickings for vegans, even in Brooklyn. Most of what I ate were snacks and sides. It’s a shame that even eateries that offer vegan options at other locations don’t carry their veg goodies at Barclays. Like Calexico, who offers a tofu taco at their fleet of food trucks. At the arena, I settle for chips and guacamole/pico de gallo.IMG_4160

Upstairs on the suite level food court, an Asian-inspired cold noodle dish, ready to go in a traditional take-out container poked with chopsticks. It was a welcome medley of flavors and fresh veggies, a break from starchiness.IMG_4158

The hot buffet option for us VIP-ers offered amazing Brussels sprouts and garlic new potatoes. The pretzel was grabbed just because it was there and free of charge. There was also salad bar offerings available… but this quick pre-game food sampling had my belly hurting. IMG_4156

I just had room for an unseasonal fruit salad. It’s pretty sad that there was nothing that resembled a vegan main in all of the arena. I guess there isn’t much a market for it? The line for the Juniors cheesecake booth confirmed this.IMG_4175