Vegan Patchogue Eats

Vegan Patchogue Eats

Patchogue’s main strip. Like many in-touch eateries, they get that a vegan option is easy enough to throw together. The dish on the rise at omni establishments all about the country seems to be the Tofu Scramble. I have a growing list of eateries on my radar that offer it. And on Long Island too! Toast has a flavorful tofu scramble though the cubed tofu could use some marination. Big points for the fresh spinach and very delicious potatoes. PicMonkey Collage2

Next, some sweet treats. Little Nook Cafe is a kooky lil’ coffeeshop with a limited menu, included vegan pizza options of the Daiya kind. They also have a separate bakery case with that is all-vegan. Inside, treats from Vegan Treats, Long Island’s Pride Enjoy, as well as Betsy Bakes, a local gluten-free & vegan baker with no website. Or no website I could locate, at least.IMG_4206

Betsy Bakes! makes a yummy gluten-free, vegan cupcake! Far better than most I’ve had on Long Island. It was moist and chocolate-y. The kind that sticks to your fingers like a Devil Dog. Don’t you just love that? I also got her chocolate chip and potato chip cookie. I’ll report on that after I try it–great combination!PicMonkey Collage

I contributed to Pride Enjoy’s kickstarter a while back and I am happy to see them being distributed locally! I also saw them recently at Wild By Nature. I’m a sucker for rainbow cookies. And Pride Enjoy does them right.IMG_4214

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